X-ray Radiation Safety and Training

Welcome to Innovative Biomedical Engineering Ltd., a company dedicated to excellence in medical x-ray radiation surveys, safety testing, staff training, radiation shielding designs and innovations in the field of medical and dental radiography. A driving force behind the company is establishing standards of excellence in both safety and innovation while exploring the limits of creativity in medical imaging and radiology.



Innovative Biomedical Engineering Ltd. operates in the field of radiation safety in medical radiography. It provides design and certification of radiation shielding along with testing and certification of x-ray equipment used in medicine, dentistry, veterinary, chiropractic, and research. Read more →


Innovative Biomedical Engineering Ltd. provides radiation survey services and a host of valuable services related to radiation technology including training for those interested in becoming radiation surveyors.


Innovative Biomedical Engineering Ltd.┬áhas periodically offered an education series for radiation protection and advanced radiation technology. See our selection of course offerings below to learn more. Read more →