FAQs – Service Technicians

Installation, repair and maintenance of x-ray equipment must adhere to Code and regulations for that industry. Following are common questions we receive from certified service technicians regarding their duty of care:

Is it necessary to check and calibrate an x-ray machine after installation?

Yes. You should ensure that not only the kv and exposure times match the specifications of the x-ray machine, but that the dose delivered at the output to the PID matches the requirements of the imaging system in use. This was covered in your course for certification.

If I repair a machine that failed an inspection, what should I do?

If you remove the cover of the machine and make any adjustments to any exposure factors, then it is necessary to do a check of your work by using a properly calibrated dosimeter. You should always leave a repaired machine only after you are sure that the dose delivered to the patient matches the kind of examinations that the machine is programmed to deliver. It will soon be necessary that you provide these results to the surveyor as confirmation that the required corrections have been completed.

I do not have a certification number from the B.C. Dental Association yet I repair a machine as part of the survey program. What happens?

The owner of the machine will not receive a certificate of compliance until the machine has been repaired by a certified technician. The presentation of the certification number is a compliance requirement. Failure to comply with the Code can result in action against the owner of the equipment.

I change employers. Does my certification number move with me?

The BCDA is currently examining this issue with the employers.

Does my certification expire?

At the moment no consideration has been given to a fixed expiration date for certification. If problems with competence or understanding of code or survey requirements become an issue with the program, then it may be necessary to adjust certification requirements.

I am having problems understanding the report given to me by the Dentist. What should I do?

Some machines fail the inspection for subtle reasons that are not clearly revealed in the report sent to the owner. Just call or email the surveyor with your concerns and a response will be prompt and courteous.